A Riverview man says he has found a new focus in his life after leaving the high-stress world of air traffic control for the world of electronic music.

Robert T. Wilson said his new album, Spectrum, came about after he retired from his job as an air traffic controller because of an anxiety disorder.

Speaking to CBC Radio's Shift, he says he'd always been a fan of electronic music, but he'd never tried making his own. That all changed when he got his hands on some equipment and found it to be very therapeutic.

"The doctors were saying, like, do something more creative," said Wilson.

He always liked electronic instruments,he said  because they're different.

"They sound other-worldly and space-y," said Wilson.

Creating and playing electronic music takes him "to a different headspace," allowing him to concentrate "on the music and some of the sounds and tones and the progressions."

Wilson uses a drum machine, synthesizer, "a combination of two or three different devices."

He says most musicians record various instruments separately and then layer and mix everything together, but he doesn't work that way.

"If you're hearing, like, four instruments at the same time that's me, attempting to play four instruments at the same time. I feel like a musical juggler," he said.

Wilson has two daughters, aged 12 and 8, and he says the children and his wife all say he's happier and more relaxed since he started making music.

"It's definitely beneficial for my mental health."

Wilson says he is "perfectly cool" with creating the music just for himself, "but the bonus is people actually kind of like the stuff I do. There's not really a market for it, but it's nice to get feedback ... on Facebook or Twitter. from people in Japan or someone in Europe or Germany," he said.

You can find Wilson's album at Port Venderlay.Bandcamp.com.