Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista with some of the volunteers who are keeping the Riverview Visitor Information Centre running this shoulder season. (Kate Letterick)

The Visitor Information Centre at the Chocolate River Station in Riverview would normally be closed at this time of the year, but some unexpected volunteers have stepped in to help.

Bob Hyslop is one of several seniors in the community who saw the value of keeping the centre open during the busy shoulder season.

'It's nice to be able to give back to your community and so I'm really enjoying it.' - volunteer Louis LeBlanc

"In September and October all the tourists are coming in from Europe, from down in the States and it's always a busy, busy time of the year."

The seniors are keeping the bureau staffed seven days a week.

Louis LeBlanc says it didn't take much to convince him to volunteer to keep the centre running after summer employees headed back to school.

"It's nice to be able to give back to your community and so I'm really enjoying it."

Riverview Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista helped to put the team of seniors together.

She says tourists have been very impressed with their volunteer guides.

"They're so knowledgeable and when someone comes through those doors, they stand up and they want to help you and that is really a great welcome for the tourists," said Cassista. "But also promoting Riverview I think they're knowledgeable in that regard."

Cassista says it's turned out to be so successful that the town is now considering keeping the Visitor Information Centre open even longer.

"We may have to look at October because people do come in and they want information and they want to talk to people about it."