Three-year-old Kendric Campbell is battling a rare form of cancer. (Courtesy of the Campbell family)

Hundreds of people in Greater Moncton ate pancakes Saturday morning to raise money for a three-year-old boy fighting a rare type of cancer.

The breakfast was held in Riverview to help the family of Kendric Campbell, who had a brain tumour removed at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax last October.

Since then, despite chemotherapy, three new tumors have formed on his spine.

His aunt, Laura Williamson, said the family has been in touch with a doctor in Los Angeles who is looking at performing a bone marrow and spinal fluid transplant.

She said the doctor is trying to arrange to do the surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. If he is unable to do so, then the family will have to go to Los Angeles.

"They may have to go at any given moment…That means the family will have to go because we need a donor as well," Williamson said.

Ella MacDonald, who attended the pancake breakfast, said everyone cares about Kendric.

"When a child has problems and help is needed, or anyone for that matter, we're always there to help," she said.

Dozens of fundraisers have been held to help the family. Medicare covers Kendric's radiation and chemotherapy, but his parents have to foot the bill for his medication, which could cost up to $600 a day.

Williamson said the family is thankful for all the community support.