Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista voted against the recommendation, saying it places additional barriers on people with disabilities. ((CBC))

Riverview town council has voted to no longer allow people who use walkers to use disability transit in a bid to save money.

The service will now be available to only those who use a wheelchair or a scooter based on the recommendation of the advisory committee on disabilities.

"There are a lot of people who are using the service that we could find alternative ways for them or they could find alternative ways themselves, whether it be family or friends or neighbours or however," said Bernie Tousenard, a committee member, who uses a walker himself.

The town subsidizes two disability transit services to help its disabled citizens get around, but the cost has been increasing, said Tousenard. So the committee is trying to look for ways to save money, he said.

Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista, a well-known seniors' rights advocate, voted against the recommendation.

"I believe that this basically is placing additional barriers on people with disabilities," she said.

Tousenard said the change will be grandfathered in for people who use walkers.

And if someone has no other way to get around, the town will make an exception, he said.