Riverview is consulting with Codiac Transpo riders on how to increase frequency to get more passengers on the buses operating in the town.

The public transit system is suggesting the town council may want to have five routes, instead of the existing two. The proposed change would keep the two buses that the town owns and add a taxi shuttle.

Riders are being asked for their opinions online and through in person surveys.

Riverview has one bus route that has a significant amount of passengers, the route that services the west side of the town, and one that has very few daily passengers, which services the eastern part of the municipality.

"The new proposal tries to address some speedier, more rapid service. And more connectivity within the town of Riverview," said Colin Smith, the town's chief administrative officer.

Two lines will operate in rush hour and then those buses would switch to two different routes during slower times in the day.

Codiac Transpo suggests the town hire a taxi shuttle for a fifth route that has very few passengers. The redesign, which includes more service hours, could add about $100,000 to the municipality's annual share in costs. 

"It's a complicated system only because they have two buses," said Marie-Claire Pierce, a senior transit planner with Codiac Transpo.

"There are five [proposed] lines. And the public that uses the system will catch on really quite quickly," she said.

One of the main routes would keep a bus on the Riverview side of the Petitcodiac, which would aim to ensure residents have access to the municipality's businesses.

Another principle route would cross the Gunningsville Bridge to ensure people can reach downtown Moncton and connect to other bus lines.

Smith said he hopes that an increase in the number of passengers contributing fares would help offset some of the costs.