The construction of a controversial parking lot has resulted in a piece of history being moved from Fredericton to Maugerville.

A large green shed that stood in Carleton Park near the new Picaroons Brewery that is under construction was once part of the New Brunswick Internment Camp near Ripples.

"Supposedly it was the hospital [for Canadian soldiers at the camp]," said Ed Caissie, the founder of the internment camp museum in Minto.

"We've been told also it could be a bunkhouse."

After the Second World War, the building was bought by businessman Ashley Colter. Green panelling was added many years later.


Ed Caissie is the founder of the New Brunswick Internment Camp Museum in Minto. (CBC)

"About 12 years ago, it looked like it had just come out of the camp after the camp had closed," said Caissie.

"Nothing had been done to it."

More recently, the building was owned by the City of Fredericton. A Maugerville businessman has now bought the structure and will use it for equipment storage.

There were 52 buildings on site at the internment camp. At the end of the war, the buildings sold for $200 and up.

They were converted into many things, including a legion, a church and a law office.

"[There's] probably 15 or so that are probably still surviving," said Caissie.

"And I'm sure there's more but we just haven't tracked them all down yet."