The Reversing Falls jet boat in Saint John may be speeding into the sunset.

The boat has given people a chance to ride the turbulent waves of the Reversing Falls, where the St. John River dumps into the Bay of Fundy, for almost 20 years. But owner Marc Gosselin has had enough of the business.

Jet boat exit

Marc Gosselin has been operating the Reversing Falls jet boat for almost 20 years and says it's time for him to move into another venture. (CBC)

"We're getting tired," said Gosselin. "You know, we [started] that 19 years ago. Now, I'm in my fifties and I need to look at some other venture."

Gosselin has listed the business for sale for almost $500,000, but no interested buyers have emerged. Gosselin says if the business doesn't sell during the off-season, he won't be operating it in the spring of 2014.

'We're getting tired.' - Reversing Falls jet boat owner Marc Gosselin

But he hopes a buyer will step forward.

"Because it's such a good attraction for Saint John," said Gosselin. "It's such a nice thing. And people remember. It's part of their list, their bucket list."

Ellen Tucker caters to tourists with her business, Freedom Tours. Tucker hopes the jet boat ride remains something that can attract tourists to Saint John.

"It's critical because the reason people come to a given place is things that they can do in a place," said Tucker. "When you think about it, there aren't that many places in the world that you can do something like this."