Homes like this one in Burtts Corner saw flooding due to several storms in December, which many say is because of climate change. ((CBC))

New Brunswick residents say December's flooding has them worried about the impacts of global warming.

Coastlines around the province were hammered with storm surges, rain and wind throughout the month.

Beth McLaughlin has been thinking a lot about global warming and believes our forestry practices are partly to blame.

"It seems to me we're sort of burying our heads in the sand because it's here. Anybody who lives on the coast or spends any time on the coast has seen the changes at the high tide levels," said McLaughlin. "You know you can't just build a rock wall around these places, we really have to take into account where we live and what we're doing."

Simone Robichaud knows more than most about the effects of December's rain.

She works in the claims department of an insurance company—and said last month was not normal.

"It was very unusual. I was talking to a guy yesterday about how it affected his cottage and what he was explaining to me is that there was no ice to protect the land and that's why he lost ten feet of his front," said Robichaud. " He said if there's another storm like that he's going to lose the cottage."

Robichaud believes climate change has arrived and said it's time for everyone to do what they can to reverse it.