Three New Brunswickers have been recognized for their actions in helping to save two lives in 2015.

At a ceremony held in Fredericton on Friday, The Canadian Red Cross handed out their Rescuer Awards. It's an annual award given to non-professional rescuers or off-duty first responders who give life saving assistance.

The first two award recipients were Naveed Majid of Fredericton and Earl LeBlanc of Maugerville.

The two men pulled a pickup truck driver to safety in May 2015 after the vehicle left Highway 105 in Douglas. The truck rolled down an embankment and burst into flames.

Jennifer Soucy

Jennifer Soucy and baby Benjamin. (CBC)

Majid and LeBlanc were passing motorists who stopped and hauled the driver back up and over the embankment, then tended to his injuries until paramedics arrived.

"You don't have time to think," said LeBlanc. "When it exploded, it went straight up about 50 feet. It was like a TV show."

Majid said the driver was in rough shape and he felt bad about having to drag him over the ground.

"I apologized to the man, because he was groaning quite a lot, he was hurt quite badly," he said.

This was not Leblanc's first rescue. Several years ago he rescued a woman from drowning in Grand Lake.

The third recipient was Canadian Red Cross home support worker Tamara Brothers of Fredericton.

She was driving on the Trans-Canada Highway near Lake George in October 2015 when she saw a woman frantically flagging for help from the side of the road. The woman's three-month-old baby had stopped breathing.

Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Awards

Naveed Majid of Fredericton and Earl LeBlanc of Maugerville meet fellow award winner Tamara Brothers. (CBC)

Brothers stopped and started CPR until paramedics could arrive. The baby was found to have a medical condition that required surgery, but made a full recovery.

The child's mother, Jennifer Soucy, was at the ceremony with her son Benjamin to see Brothers.

"We've seen Tamara quite a few times after that actually, since then. We've become really good friends."