Transportation Minister Claude Williams said his highway supervisors check road conditions after storms.

A Richibucto woman says the provincial government should have done more to keep motorists safe the day after post-tropical storm Arthur hit New Brunswick, including shutting down Route 108 between Plaster Rock and Renous.

Ruby Wylie and her husband knew when they were planning to drive on the northern road that they would likely see a few fallen branches. Route 108 is often known as the Renous highway.

But she said the road was littered with fallen trees and it should have been closed to traffic.

“Driving around them, zig-zagging some were on the right-hand side so you had to go in the left-hand side, lucky there wasn't much traffic,” she said.

If they had known the condition of the road in advance, Wylie said they would have taken a different route.

She said there should have been signs, warning motorists.

"This road should have been blocked off, it shouldn't have been open to anyone to try to travel. It was too dangerous,” she said.

Transportation Minister Claude Williams says highway supervisors are dispatched to assess damage along roads immediately after storms.

He said the department does its best to get signs up as soon as possible warning drivers of upcoming road conditions.