Thousands of New Brunswickers are entering their third day without power after high winds and driving rain took a toll on power lines and transformers on Thursday.

NB Power said some llines won't be fixed until Sunday.

One of the hardest hit areas was Quispamsis, just outside of Saint John. Over 2,000 people were without power on Saturday.

Three days into the outage some families are turning to a Red Cross warming shelter that opened at a hockey arena, locally known as the Q-Plex.

Kevin Facey said he turned up Saturday morning to fill up his plastic water jugs. He hasn't had power in over 48 hours.

"It's sort of like camping out but with an edge to it."

Eight-year-old Kellan Ryan said had to sleep with his sister last night under a big pile of blankets. In his opinion it wasn't much fun.

"She kicked me."

On Saturday Ryan and his grandmother Donna Miller came to the Q-Plex for hot chocolate, coffee and donuts.

"It's weird, one street will have power and the other won't," Miller said.

Deputy-mayor Libby O'Hara said the town knew it had to do something when NB Power told them the outage would stretch into the weekend.

"[It's a] good way to help any residents that are without power, without heat, without water, without washroom facilities," she said.

The Red Cross said one mother and her two sons slept on canvas cots Friday night.

The shelter has extended its hours. It will stay open Saturday night and remain open until 1 p.m. on Sunday.