A mother and son from Skiff Lake are being recognized for saving the life of a loved one this fall.

Roxana Soetebeer, with help from her 13-year-old son Philip, performed CPR on her husband Joerg Soetebeer after he suffered cardiac arrest on Oct. 24.

The Canadian Red Cross said it happened at the family's remote home, located about 35 kilometres southwest of Woodstock.

That evening, after realizing her husband was in cardiac arrest, Roxana Soetebeer called 911 and began the attempt to revive him. She yelled for help from her son, who stepped in to help with compressions until paramedics arrived 25 minutes later.

Paramedics used a defibrillator and got his heart pumping again on its own, before taking him to the Upper River Valley Hospital where he made an excellent recovery.

Roxana Soetebeer learned CPR more than 15 years ago while volunteering with a rescue group in her native Germany.

Philip learned more recently while taking Red Cross swimming lessons.

Both mother and son have been awarded Rescuer Certificates from the Red Cross “For demonstrating the power of humanity by acting quickly and performing life-saving CPR in a very difficult situation,” the award reads.

“Such actions should always serve to inspire others to acquire the necessary training and skills promoted by the Canadian Red Cross to act safely and with confidence whenever the need arises.”