The RCMP's Internet Child Exploitation Unit discovered more than 700 different incidents of child pornography in the greater Moncton area last year.

Const. Tonia Williams, a member of the Internet Child Exploitation Unit, gave a glimpse into what the specialized group does at a presentation in Riverview on Wednesday. She said the goal of the unit is simple.

"To stop the abuse of children, to seek out those who prey on our most vulnerable in society," she said.

She told the group that 74 per cent of child victims appear to be 10 years of age and under.

"We've seen infants, those who have been shortly born, probably a week, being sexually abused in these images," she said.

The investigations can take a long time. Williams said it can take the specialized unit months to identify an online predator and gather evidence.

But Williams said people can't hide behind fake names and online personas.

"Chances are the luck will run out, and you will be caught eventually, when who knows. But we are out there watching the internet," she said.