The president of the Consumer Association of Canada says there's something wrong with the Atlantic Lottery Corporationif it can't figure out why some ticket retailers appear to be the luckiest people in the country.

Bruce Cran says the RCMP should be called in to investigate why certain retailers are winning 10 times as often as the public, and that retailers and their families should be banned from buying lotto tickets.

"They shouldn't be allowed to buy tickets at all," Cran said Friday. "It isn't the be-all and end-all to stopping these thefts, but it certainly would make it a little more difficult, and would be helpful to consumers in buying lottery tickets."

Lotto ticket retailers in the Atlantic provinces are winning $7.5 million a year more than can be statistically explained, one of the highest rates of inexplicable winnings in Canada. Cran says that figure only deals with prizes over $25,000, and that there's no record of how many smaller prizes ticket sellers may have won.

Cran says the ombudsmen in Ontario and British Columbia are investigating the suspicious winnings of retailers in those provinces. He says the RCMP would be a better choice for Ontario and British Columbia, as well as for Atlantic Canada.

"[RCMP] could appoint a proper investigator with authority to have a look at it."

A spokesman for Atlantic Lotto saysno evidence of wrong-doing by the retailers has been found, but Cran says it's not in the lottery corporation's interest to find evidence of fraud.

"It tells you there's a big problem and there's something wrong there," Cran said. "What they should be doing is conducting an investigation that will lead to the truth."