RCMP are investigating four cases of counterfeit money being used to make purchases in the western Charlotte County area this month.

The fake $5 CD bills were passed at two grocery stores and a pub in St. Stephen, as well as at an elementary school cafeteria in Saint Andrews, Sgt. Bob Macknight stated in a release.

The amount of money involved has not been released.

All of the incidents occurred between Jan. 17 and Jan. 24, he said.

The bills were of the 1986 series, with the same serial number — ANN2615686.

Police have interviewed at least one person suspected of passing counterfeit money, but the investigation is ongoing, said Macknight.

Any merchants or members of the public who may have received one of these bank notes is asked to contact the police, he said.

Anyone who is suspicious about the authenticity of any paper currency is urged to take it to a bank to verify.