The RCMP has created a special video and image upload tool so Moncton residents can easily submit evidence to the Mounties about the shooting that killed three constables and wounded two others last week.

The police have already requested the public’s help in finding evidence, especially in the large section of the city that was placed under lockdown for roughly 30 hours when the accused gunman, Justin Bourque, 24, was at large.

Moncton shooting investigation

RCMP investigators are asking the public to send any images or videos they have from the time of the Moncton shooting to assist in their investigation. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

On Friday, the RCMP posted a new web page that includes a video and photo upload tool that will assist the public in sending evidence to the police.

“The RCMP is continuing to canvass residents in the north end of Moncton. So far, police have made more than 1,500 neighbourhood inquiries and received hundreds of tips,” said Sgt. Alain LeBlanc in a statement.

“Every single tip is being looked at and the RCMP is asking people to be patient if they have called in with information as they will be contacted. Residents are also asked that if they know for certain that a neighbour is not home to let police know," he said.

"The RCMP plans on visiting every household in the area and will continue to go back to households where people could not be reached.”

Bourque has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Bourque is accused of killing Const. Dave Ross, 32. Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, and Const. Douglas James Larche, 40.

Const. Darlene Goguen and Const. Eric Dubois were injured in the shooting.

Gifts of condolences to be removed Sunday

Memorial outside the Codiac RCMP headquarters

A memorial to the Mounties who were killed and wounded in shootings last Wednesday has continued to grow outside the Codiac RCMP headquarters and will be removed on Sunday. (Stephen Puddicombe/CBC)

​A large memorial of flowers, notes and other gifts that has been growing at the Codiac Regional RCMP detachment since the June 4 shootings are scheduled to be removed by officers dressed in their red serge uniforms on Sunday.

The families of the three fallen officers have requested all potted plants be donated, but other items that can be preserved will go to them, including one maple tree each, to be planted at their homes, said RCMP.

"This has been such a dark chapter in Moncton’s history; a dark chapter in the RCMP’s history. But in the middle of the tragedy, the citizens of Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview and beyond circled around us to comfort us when we were at our lowest," Supt. Marlene Snowman, the Officer in charge of the Codiac Regional RCMP, said in a statement.

"We may never be able to explain to others about this bond that has been created but in each of our hearts we know we will move forward and make our communities safe and secure," she said.

Gifts of condolences left at other detachments across the province will also be picked up in similar ceremonies.