A 30-year-old Fredericton-area man is in custody after a suspicious death in Keswick Ridge, about 25 kilometres west of Fredericton.

RCMP were called to a house on Route 616 around 5:30 a.m. Friday and discovered the body of 34-year-old man they say is from the community, inside the home.  

Corp. Chantal Farrah says the man in custody has not been charged.


Dan Montgomery, who lives near the scene of a 'suspicious death' in Keswick Ridge, says 'it's scary' to know these things can happen close to home. (CBC)

"I can tell you that the scene is presently guarded by the RCMP under our control and the purpose of our investigations is really to try to understand and determine what are the things that are surrounding this suspicious death," Farrah said.

The house where the body was found is made up of two rental units. Just after noon on Friday police escorted two men from the house to a car outside. The men are not under arrest 

Landlord Paul Reynolds, who lives in nearby Scotch Lake, said he does not know if the man who died was one of his tenants.

Neighbour Dan Montgomery said the situation is "a little scary."

"Because you think you live in a rural community that's safe and doesn't think this stuff can happen close to home," said Montgomery.

RCMP have requested anyone with information to contact police.