The New Brunswick RCMP is asking people in southeastern New Brunswick to report any suspicious visits they’ve had in recent months as a part of an going investigation into 20 thefts of sex toys and underwear.

The police say there have been 20 reported thefts of undergarments and sex toys in the Saint-Paul, Sainte-Marie, Bouctouche and Adamsville areas as of Dec. 7.

RCMP Cpl. Guy Paul Larocque said the police are hoping citizens will come forward to describe any unannounced visitors who have come to their door in recent months.

"For example, it could be someone who says they're checking the meter on your home, someone who says they're collecting data for a survey, someone asking for directions or anything else out of the ordinary," Larocque said.

"Even something that might seem like a routine or insignificant occurrence could be that one piece of the puzzle that investigators need to catch the person or people responsible for these crimes."

In November, the RCMP said the majority of the thefts have happened since the end of July. There was one similar break-in in the area in July 2010.

As part of the ongoing investigation, the RCMP have increased patrols in the area and continue to ask people to be vigilant about locking their doors and windows.