Rash of crime in Sackville worries business owners

A rash of armed robberies in Sackville has left some residents wondering if their town is losing its charm.

Small town charm at risk after two armed robberies in 10 days, says victimized video store owner

Rash of robberies in small town worries business owners 2:09

A rash of armed robberies in Sackville has left some residents wondering if their town is losing its charm.

Over the weekend a video store employee was robbed of $500 at knifepoint by a masked man.

A masked robber armed with a knife held up Chris Graham's video store on the weekend. (CBC)
Video store owner Chris Graham wonders if the town is losing its charm.

"Unfortunately, lately, that small town experience seems to be coming with some big city problems," said Graham.

"I just feel like we've reached a point where the town is no longer as safe a place to do business, especially in the night time."

Graham suggests the RCMP could do more patrolling at night and the town could install surveillance cameras around downtown.

Five armed robberies have happened in Sackville in the last six months. There have been two of them in the last 10 days.

In previous armed robberies in the town, a chisel and a syringe have been used as weapons.

There have also been numerous break-and-enter thefts.

Cst. Dan Hilchie doesn't think the rash of criminal activity is a trend.

"From a policing perspective, it's normal in Sackville," said Hilchie. "Probably a rash, in the boom, boom it seems, 'Wow, it happened in a week and a half.' But on average, I think the last few years, it's the same trend."

Pizza shop owner Dale Fleming has security cameras in place. He's never been robbed, but he still thinks about it.

"There's been many just in the past year. It's crazy," he said.

"It just confuses me how they're not getting caught."

Graham says other business owners are telling him they're also worried of being robbed.

"They are a little bit worried about working at night and they just wish that somebody could come up with an answer as to why — why it is that Sackville has become a place where people are becoming victimized by crime."