Water levels in New Brunswick are rising again Friday following rain in recent days, says the province's Emergency Measures Organization.

The St. John River is flooding in Fredericton, but it still isn't as high as last week, says Paul Bradley, River Watch spokesman.

"Half a metre above flood stage in the Fredericton area now. Maugerville, that's above flood stage at this point. Jemseg has been above flood stage for awhile, and levels will increase a little bit more there," he said.

A Fredericton official describes the weather forecast as "favourable" over the next few days.

At 7 a.m. on Friday, the river level was at 7.1 metres, it is expected to drop to 6.7 metres on Saturday and 6.2 metres on Sunday.  The flood level in Fredericton is 6.5 metres.

Despite the favourable conditions, there are still five streets closed in Fredericton because of flooding.

Grand Lake was slightly under flood stage Thursday, but will be above for the next few days, as will Sheffield and Lakeville Corner.

Bradley says the southern part of the river will be the problem area in coming days and warns New Brunswickers to not let down their guard.

Meanwhile, RCMP and fire officials will be keeping a close eye on Saturday's Pollett River Run in Elgin, about an hour from Moncton.

Pollett River Run

Accidents are a regular occurence in the annual Pollett River Run in Elgin. (CBC)

They are warning people about the risks given the rain and high water as hundreds of people with homemade rafts and canoes plan to ride the river in the highly anticipated event.

This year, trees and debris are jammed under bridges and that, combined with inexperience, alcohol consumption and high water levels make for risky conditions, says, Elgin Fire Chief Gary Steeves.

"Hopefully the word will get out that young kids getting on a raft that have no idea what they're getting into, will think twice," said Steeves.

Elgin resident Bradley Martin says the popularity of the event has grown and there's never been any real trouble in 30 years.

"Accidents happen all the time, people flip over, people bang their heads or something like that. But I haven't heard of anything too serious happening, said Martin.