A bumper crop of mushrooms in New Brunswick has some people's mouths watering, but government officials are warning people to be careful before eating the fungi.

"There's 5,000 or more mushrooms in New Brunswick, probably more. You really need an experienced collector along to keep you out of trouble," said Ken Harrison, a biologist with Natural Resources Canada.

Very few of the mushroom species in New Brunswick are edible, Harrison said. He said this summer's rainy weather has left lots of mushrooms growing in the province.

"We've had such high frequency rains for the last three weeks that nothing ever dries off, and as a result, with the high humidity, that's absolutely perfect growing conditions for mushrooms," Harrison said.

Chef Marcel Richard said he uses many local mushrooms at his restaurant Café Mosaïque in Dieppe.

"Right now the woods are full of them," Richard said.

A well-picked mushroom sets off the taste of all sorts of foods, Richard said. For example, the chanterelle mushroom currently growing widely in New Brunswick is great with scallops, he said.

Harrison said he hopes people will cautiously enjoy the bumper crop of wild mushrooms.