Radcliffe gets 20 years on sex offender list

A 24-year-old Shediac man will be added to the national sex offender registry, despite objections from a victim's family.

A 24-year-old Shediac man will be added to the national sex offender registry, despite objections from the victim’s family.

Last week, Adam Radcliffe was sentenced to two years plus a day on various charges, including sexual interference and abduction.

It stems from his relationship with a 13-year-old girl who can’t be named due to a publication ban.

In June, Radcliffe pleaded guilty to four charges, including a sexual interference charge from March.

At the sentencing July 19, Radcliffe told the judge he didn't think what he did was serious.

The Crown asked that Radcliffe be added to the sex offender registry, but the defence and the family asked for an exemption from the list.

The family even sent a letter to the judge asking that Radcliffe only be put on the registry for a maximum of five years and be given rehabilitation.

However, Judge Camille Vautour decided to put Radcliffe on the registry for 20 years, saying Radcliffe should’ve known better because she was a minor and he shouldn’t have accepted her sexual advances.

"We know Adam is not a predator, we understand the circumstances here, [and] we’re surprised a 24-year-old would get a 20-year sentence," the girl’s stepfather told CBC News Friday.

Radcliffe met the girl when he was taken in by her family after meeting them at church.

Her mother had said it was a big brother relationship, but at some point, the boundaries became blended.

The girl was reported missing in May and found a few days later with Radcliffe in his car, after an RCMP car and helicopter chase.

Even though Radcliffe and the girl ran away together, it’s still considered an abduction because she was under 16 and is considered a minor.

"We’re hurting for Adam, we’re hurting for our daughter, we are concerned she’s looking to him and counting the months, and maybe even hopeful that when he does get out they will have a relationship and therefore we do understand the 20-year registry saying ‘we’ll keep him away’ … and we’re happy for that, we just feel it’s a bit extreme," the stepfather said.

Radcliffe is eligible for parole in eight months.