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Quispamsis Town Council will hear arguments Tuesday night about whether it should reopen a street that was closed to traffic 29 years ago.

Several hundred people have signed a petition that will be presented to council tonight asking that Autumn Avenue be reopened.

Autumn Ave barricade

At least two previous attempts to remove these barricades were rejected by town council. (Connell Smith/CBC)

Tony Kleyn-Molekamp lives on the street. He and his neighbours are worried their peaceful street will soon fill with cars.

"There's all kinds of reason, I guess, to not open it up and very few to open it up," said Kleyn-Molekamp. "So what the point is, I'm not sure."

Autumn Avenue was built as a through street, but a barricade stopping through traffic was put in place in 1984. The council of the day was concerned for the safety of teens at a roller rink in the area, and for a child with a hearing impairment who lived on Autumn Avenue.

Those factors no long apply, and Sue Buckley sees no reason for the street to remain closed.

"What gives them the right to have a private street?" said Buckley.

Buckley says the closed street forces people from areas on both sides of the barrier to travel extra kilometres on other residential streets.

"These people have no more concerns for safety and traffic volume than any other street," said Buckley.

"Anybody with any common sense has to look at this situation and say why is this still closed after 29 years when it was never meant to be a permanent barrier."

But with a much larger population than in 1984, residents of Autumn Avenue suspect their street will be a handy shortcut between two of the town's busiest roads.

At least two previous attempts to remove the barricades were rejected by town council.