Proposed Moncton subdivision criticized over costs

Moncton politicians will hold hearings in February on whether they allow a new 1,400-home subdivision near the Royal Oaks Golf Course.

Some councillors argue the proposed subdivision is too expensive

Moncton city council has agreed to hold public hearings next month on whether to alter the zoning around the Royal Oaks Golf Course and allow a subdivision that would include 1,400 homes.

The proposed subdivision would be close to the future site of the new Moncton high school.

The 1,400 homes would be added over the next 25 years, but the idea is running into some considerable opposition around the council table.

Some city councillors said on Monday night they are worried about the cost of linking the proposed development to Moncton’s sewer and water lines.

Coun. Brian Hicks said the proposed homes and the new high school will be too far out of the city.

"This rural high school will be closer to Kent south than it'll be to downtown Moncton," he said.

Coun. Daniel Bourgeois said the last time the provincial government opted to build a school it was also on the outskirts of town. And, he said, that costs the city too much money.

"The fiasco of the Northrup Frye School that cost us over $13.5 million," he said.

The money was spent on roads, sidewalks, water and sewer lines.

Preliminary figures show the city's costs for this new development will be around $20 million.

That is money that many councillors, such as Coun. Nancy Hoar, say they would rather spend on areas closer to downtown.

The developer, however, said there is an untapped market for homes near the Royal Oaks Golf Course.

Public hearings will be held next month on whether the city will allow this development to go ahead.