Promo deal aimed at bringing more NBers to provincial parks

The province has introduced an explorer pass to bring more New Brunswickers to provincial parks.
The province has introduced the Explorer Pass as incentive to get New Brunswickers into provincial parks. (CBC)

The province is trying to get more New Brunswickers out to explore their provincial parks.

To do that, residents are being offered what's called an Explorer Pass.

Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living Minister Trevor Holder says for $60, you get a variety of services and products worth $200 at all nine of the province's parks.

He hopes the pass will encourage more residents to visit all parks, not just the main ones.

"This is going to create more business for our provincial parks, it's going to get people understanding our province a little more by having an Explorer Pass, they may go to a provincial park that [they] may not have gone to otherwise," Holder said.

Anchorage Provincial Park on Grand Manan only saw 7,706 visitors last year, while Mactaquac saw 137,773.

"As long as those numbers are moving in the right direction, that's good enough for me," Holder said. "If we can get New Brunswickers to think about their wealth, their health, their well-being and getting them out, using their provincial parks, any movement in the right direction."

About 68 per cent of those who visit the provincial parks are from New Brunswick, but Holder hopes the Explorer Pass will increase that number.