Program gives musical training to Grade 4 students

Four schools in southeast New Brunswick will introduce instrumental music to a group of elementary school students.

"In Harmony" will start at four schools in September

Sistema Program helps underpriveleged children learn music. (CBC)

Four schools in southeast New Brunswick will introduce instrumental music to students in four elementary schools this September.

The program is an adaptation of Sistema, which already runs a free after-school program and a summer camp.

Educators hope it will inspire a new generation of musicians.

Grade 4 students at Lou MacNairn, Salem Elementary, Frank L. Bowser and Bessborough schools will take instrumental music for an hour a day, five days a week, starting in September.

Gregg Ingersol, Anglophone East School District superintendent, said it was a scramble to get the program ready.

"Until you try stuff you don't realize it can be done. In the past we might have said we can't do that; we don't have the time, we can't schedule it but once we do it we won't be able to use that argument anymore," Ingersol said.

The program will be taught by music specialists from the district using Sistema curriculum and tutors.

Heather Deware, principal of Lou MacNairn, said she can't wait.

"This opportunity for the children at my school is going to be incredible. You know the collaboration, the working together, the focused time on instruction for this music and I just see this as changing their lives down the road," Deware said.

If the pilot succeeds the program could be expanded throughout the district or province.