A Moncton business consultant says his plan to open a private MRI clinic up is simply providing a service that is available to Canadians in other provinces.

In September, Marc Maurice plans to open New Brunswick’s first private MRI clinic in Moncton. While the project has been criticized by some health groups, Maurice said his clinic only makes sense.

He said not only will his clinic have the latest MRI technology - first 3T machine in Atlantic Canada - he says it will also guarantee fast results. He's promising an exam within 48 hours of a doctor's referral and the results of that MRI scan 48 hours later.

"This is being implemented across Canada. It will be the seventh province with private imaging clinics. So there's a set pattern. Really, it's a wave that can't be stopped," he said.

Maurice said his clinic will help reduce the long wait times for MRI scans in the province.

Unlike a MRI in a public hospital, people visiting Maurice’s clinic will have to pay $895 per scan because his services are not covered under medicare.

The possibility of walking into a private clinic and bypassing a long waiting list is intriguing to some potential customers.

Craig Church waited almost eight months to get an MRI scan for an unknown knee injury. He has yet to get the results back from the exam, which was completed in May.

"If I had the knowledge in advance of how long it was going to take, I probably would have considered that, being that it your lifestyle and your personal well-being and health, that it's not a bad thing to look at spending that much money," Church said.

Church said he knows friends who have gone to Maine to get MRI tests.

He said he would have done the same if he'd known the wait was going to be so long.

But Maurice said his clinic will help people, such as Church. He said he expects his clinic to take in more than 5,000 patients per year.