Two New Brunswick educators were named the top principals of the year this week.

Mike Wilson of St. Patrick's Elementary School was one of the Learning Partnership's best principals of 2014. Patricia Thorne, principal of Woodstock Middle School, was the second person honoured.

The partnership looks at leadership and how the principals partner with families and communities.

Most of the pupils at Wilson’s school in the lower west side of Saint John are from single-parent families and many live below the poverty line.

Wilson said he and his staff have worked hard to make it a good school. Students said he was strict, respectful and really nice.

“They need to know where the lines are and if they cross the line, we have to provide them some sort of consequence. At the same time we provide them privileges so they have incentives to behave as well,” he said.

He hands out rewards called “smartbucks,” redeemable for treasures stored in a special cupboard.

Wilson also runs a volunteer program that involves students.

Wilson and Thorne get a free week of executive leadership training at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto.

The two were among 40 celebrated by the partnership across the country.