New Brunswick Premier David Alward is speaking out against federal changes to employment insurance, and looking for support from his Atlantic Canadians counterparts.


N.B. Premier David Alward says it's not too late to step in and ask for a moratorium on EI changes already in effect. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Alward says he wants a moratorium on the changes, which have already been brought into effect.

Under some of the new rules, those who frequently claim EI need to prove they're actively seeking work.

They will also be required to take available jobs even if they pay less than their previous work.

But Alward says the federal government ignored the potential impact on seasonal workers and industries.

The premier says it's not too late to step in and ask for a moratorium.

Alward says he will ask other Atlantic premiers to support his call when they gather next week in Nova Scotia for a meeting.

A Corporate Research Associates poll earlier this month found that 40 per cent of Atlantic Canadians either completely or mostly supported the change, while 55 per cent were completely or mostly opposed. Four per cent did not offer an opinion.

Though the poll found the majority of Atlantic Canadians oppose the federal EI changes, there was fierce opposition to the changes in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

In New Brunswick 62 per cent of those polled opposed the changes compared to 32 per cent, who said they supported the reforms, according to CRA.

Prince Edward Island saw 65 per cent opposed the changes and 57 per cent in Newfoundland and Labrador were against the changes.