Pregnant Moncton woman going to prison for fraud

Krisjana Maria Buck, a pregnant Moncton, N.B., woman who pleaded guilty to 27 fraud charges, has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Krisjana Maria Buck, who is 31 weeks pregnant, sentenced to 3 years

Krisjana Maria Buck, a pregnant Moncton, N.B., woman who pleaded guilty to 27 fraud charges, has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Buck, 29, bought computers, two new snowmobiles, a hot tub, a BMW sport-utility vehicle and the most expensive vacation package she could book, the provincial courtroom heard on Tuesday.

Buck, who is 31 weeks pregnant, defrauded several people and many businesses, said Crown prosecutor Mario Cormier.

In some cases she took a victim's personal information to set up accounts in their name, said Cormier.

Buck claimed she had a company called Golden Tee Investments, and many cheques written from its account bounced, he said.

Some of the items obtained by fraud have been returned, but most of the victims have not been repaid, said Cormier.

Buck originally faced 74 charges dating back to last summer.

She pleaded guilty to 27 counts of fraud and three breaches of probation.

Buck cried as she apologized to the court and to her victims on Tuesday.

"When all the charges are laid out in front of you at once it has much more of an impact," she said.

'Eye-opener,' says victim

Victim impact statements were not read in court,but one of Buck's victims said he was satisfied with her sentence.

Gavin Crocker, who was in a relationship with Buck, told CBC News he had been taken for about $50,600.

"It started off slow and just kind of snowballed from there to the point where I started to be suspicious of a lot of things," he said.

Crocker said Buck wrote him cheques that bounced. She also helped him file an employment insurance claim, told him he didn't qualify, then collected five of his cheques, he said.

"It was definitely an eye-opener for me and a lesson learned for all of us I think," Crocker said.

"It's definitely going to be a lot of rebuilding credit-wise and emotions-wise and being able to trust people, 'cause I put a lot of trust into her and and it just goes to show that you've got to be wary of everybody, close or not."

Judge Camille Vautour followed a joint recommendation by the Crown and defence for a three-year sentence.

He said she can't go on ripping people off.

Buck has previous convictions on similar charges in Fredericton in 2005 and in Moncton in 2012, the courtroom heard.

She was also ordered to pay hundreds of dollars in victim surcharge fees.