A wave of international students bringing new faiths and faces to Saint John's uptown is increasing demand for more space to accommodate daily prayers.

A number of Muslim students now call the city home.

Mohammad Nasir has been renting a space next door to his grocery store in the uptown for a musallah, where Muslims gather to pray five times a day. He said more and more students are using the space.

"You have to realize that the Muslims here are not from one country, they are from many different countries and we have about ... people from 30 different countries here," said Nasir.

"So we are learning about each other as well because our cultures don't match with each other and our foods don't match with each other. So a lot of things are new for us as well, as a Muslim community too."

He said the demand has led him to extend the hours at the musallah.

The first of five prayers in the Muslim faith begins at sunrise with the last one late in the evening.