A contractor in the Neguac area made a startling find when he uncovered a bomb while digging up the front yard of a house roughly two weeks ago. 

Marc Brideau was operating a backhoe at a house in Saint-Wilfred removing tree roots when he unearthed what appeared to be a bomb. 

“I stopped everything there,” said Brideau. 

He informed the owner of the house that he would have to call police.

Shortly after the RCMP arrived to secure the area, Brideau said two men from the military also showed up.

He said they did some work on the object, put it in an iron box, wrapped it in a blanket and took it away.

Luc Perron, a former soldier and munitions expert, said the object was an MK-106, a practice bomb that is commonly used by pilots learning the job.

Perron said he worked with the bombs for more than two decades at a now defunct training facility in the area.

He believes there could be many more bombs scattered around the area near Neguac.

The military could not be reached for comment.