A new grading system undergoing a test run in the province will give parents and students access to students’ grades, attendance records even food allergies, all at the click of a button.

The new PowerSchool software system is being taken for a test run by all schools in the western part of the province,”

“It will be very accurate, up to date, timely feedback on how they're doing in school,” said Grade 4 teacher Wendy Sinclair. She says it's like having an electronic portfolio for every child.

Wendy Sinclair

Grade 4 teacher Wendy Sinclair says it's like having an electronic portfolio for every child. (CBC)

For information on attendance, there is even a screen that allows teachers to drop the picture of a child into a seating chart.

"For a supply teacher, that's gold,” said Sinclair.

Parents will now be invited to have a very close look at their child’s education progress.

In January, once the test run has wrapped, students will be able to access their own portfolio, as well as their parents.

“A student has great potential to take ownership of their own learning. And really do a good job and be very successful,” said Sinclair.

The program will also allow teachers and administrators to work from home or over the weekend as they will have full access to student information.

Elementary to high schools in the Anglophone West School District will begin the program this school year. 

The rest of province's schools will follow suit at a later date.