After a four-day struggle against Mother Nature, power has been restored to all NB Power customers in southeast New Brunswick.

The winter storm early in the week coated parts of the province in heavy snow and a thick layer of freezing rain, resulting in utility poles snapping off and tree branches crashing into power lines.


Freezing rain coated trees and power lines in southeast New Brunswick with ice this week. (CBC)

At the height of power outages, 80,000 customers were without electrical service in the province.

The southeast of the province was hardest hit, with customers in Shediac and Bouctouche among the first to lose their power on Monday and the last to have it restored. The final outages from the storm were restored overnight.

Another community affected was Elsipogtog First Nation, where about 1,000 customers were without electricity for three days this week.

Elsipogtog Fire Chief Allan Peters said it was hard on the community.

"A lot of people, their fridge defrosted, lot of food went to waste, they were cold," said Peters.

Peters said he was touched to see how quickly his community came together.

"People that are so quick to help out, they got big hearts," he said.

"They just want to help out and that almost makes me cry sometimes."

Elizabeth Augustine said she agrees the outages brought out the best in Elsipogtog.

"I have four kids that are not my own, to them it was a fun thing — no school," she said.

"But to me, I worried. Worried about the pipes being frozen, worried about the food."