A Saint John man fell from his wheelchair when it caught in a pothole in the middle of a crosswalk on Lansdowne Avenue on Sunday. 

Cody Richards uses a wheelchair and said he has had a number of close calls on Saint John streets due to potholes—including the spill on Sunday.

"I flipped over on my side of my chair,” said Richards. “I didn’t know how quick I had to get up before the light turned green so I dragged myself to the sidewalk and pulled my chair along with me.”

Richards said he's grateful to two women driving by stopped and helped upright his chair.

He has put ads on Kijiji and Facebook in an attempt to contact them. 

His mother also appreciates the help but she is appalled by the infrastructure in Saint John. She and Cody recently returned to Saint John after living in a larger community in Ontario. 

“It’s certainly making us second guess our decision to stay,” she said. “I know Saint John can’t compare to the bigger city that we were in in Ontario but we’re very shocked with what we came home and saw —the deterioration of the road and sidewalks.”