The translation of the Gospel of St. John contains four languages: Maliseet, Mi'Kmaq, English and French. (Canadian Press)

A new multi-lingual translation of scripture into Maliseet was unveiled at Government House today. It marks the first time any portion of the Bible has been translated into Maliseet.

The passage translated is the Gospel of St. John and it contains four languages: Maliseet, Mi'Kmaq, English and French.

The process of translating the Bible is a lengthy one.

"It's not like putting [words] into Google Translate and hitting a button," said Rev. Ted Seres, the national director of the Canadian Bible Society. "It takes years of just trying to communicate the right words in the right language, so it's a long [and] involved process. So if there was a demand for more in the Maliseet, I think that would be a project we would want to consider."

Each column of scripture is in a different language. Maliseet and Mi'Kmaq are the prominent ones, while English and French use a smaller and fainter typeface.

"We wanted people to be able to focus on the Maliseet and the Mi'Kmaq texts," said Hart Wiens, the director of scripture translation with the Canadian Bible Society.

The project took two years to complete.