Porter Airlines pushes Fredericton closer to sea

Where is Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick? Porter Airlines has an answer of its own.

New Brunswick's capital city moves northeast to the Miramichi in ad

A Porter Airlines advertisement in the Globe & Mail put Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, north of Moncton on a map showing planned new Porter destinations in the province. (CBC)

Where is Fredericton?

A quiz question for elementary-school students has been answered incorrectly in an advertisement for Porter Airlines.

The ad has moved the New Brunswick capital northeast — to the Southwest Miramichi River, closer to Miramichi than to the spot on the St. John River where the city grew up.

Porter ran the ad in the Globe & Mail to promote the addition of flights from Saint John and Fredericton to Ottawa and Toronto, which will start in September. 

The mayor of Fredericton took the map mistake in stride.

"It appears Porter Airlines has portrayed us as being located adjacent to the historic village of Blackville, than on the sweeping bend of the majestic St. John River, 125 kilometres to the southwest," Mike O'Brien, the mayor of Fredericton, said in an email.

"Regardless, Fredericton is honoured to soon be welcoming Porter Airlines to the lineup at our expanding Fredericton YFC International Airport. I am confident Porter will correct this minor editorial error right away."

Porter said Fredericton's misplacement in the ad "was an oversight on our part that has already been noticed."

The map will be corrected for future advertisements, an airline spokesperson said in an email.

It's possible that Fredericton ended up in the wrong place because the ad's artist had trouble fitting the name on the map, but Karen Grant of Kiers, a Fredericton marketing agency, suspects a more basic human error was at play.

"Whoever designed the Porter ad did not look at the map of New Brunswick," Grant said. "Human error is the cause for the misplacement of Fredericton, not space."