A St. Stephen High School student with spina bifida can move around more freely now thanks to the efforts of a local man who raised money for a wheelchair attachment by making jewellery out of pop can tabs.

The additional wheel on Jaret Richard’s wheelchair will allow him to roll across grass and through other areas he’s not been able to access.

"I really feel good about it,"Jaret said.

The wheel cost $970. Money was raised by Todd Larson, who suffered a head injury in 1997 in a snowmobile accident.

Larson collects pop can tabs and turns them into jewellery, which he sells at local markets to raise money for good causes.

He learned about Richard through the New Brunswick Association for Community Living and turned his attention to raising money for the wheelchair attachment.

"I’m so glad we got it for Jaret," he said.

Richard’s mother is grateful for the generosity. Jill Williams said it has put a smile on her son’s face and “it sure put a smile on my face.”