Lobster fishermen in northeastern New Brunswick are getting ready to wrap up a poor season.

Fishing in Zone 23 ends on Sunday. It started with a protest as fishermen tied up their boats to show their displeasure over low prices. They soon returned to the water.

Greg Ross has been fishing from the Burnt Church wharf for 30 years. He said this was a disappointing season.

"There were days we couldn't sell, there were some days that we limited to the amount we could sell. Overall, it wasn't a pleasant year," he said.

Ross earned between $3 and $3.50 a pound for lobster.

Hard to make money

Christian Brun, executive secretary of the Maritime Fishermen's Union, said it's been hard for fishermen to make money this year.

"It's about a year now since we've had really, really low prices. Some days they were prohibited to go out there, or else plants wouldn't be purchasing their lobster in New Brunswick," he said.

Three fishermen died off the coast of the village of Tabusinac during the season.

Lobster fishermen in the southeastern part of the province will head out for their season in August.

Brun said he hopes things change for the better when that season starts.