Political leaders reflect on highs and lows of past year

The New Brunswick legislature wrapped Wednesday marking the end of this government's chance to make laws before a fall election.

N.B. legislature wrapped Wednesday

What New Brunswickers think about legislation introduced by this government will soon become apparent when they mark their ballot on Sept. 22 during the provincial election. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

The New Brunswick legislature wrapped Wednesday, marking the end of this government's chance to make laws before a fall election.

The best of the Alward government

Premier David Alward/PC:
"If I look at the prescription drug program I've brought forward, again, I'm very proud of that work." 

Brian Duplessis/NDP:
"Well the top thing came just in the last few weeks, from our perspective, and that is the continuation of the poverty reduction plan.”

David Coon/Green Party:
"It succeeded in bringing in the prescription drug plan, which is going to help a lot of people."

Brian Gallant/Liberals: 
"The drug plan, in its first phase, is something we support."

Four parties applauded the introduction of a prescription drug plan for those without, but the People's Alliance party has expressed concerned about the drug plan since it was unveiled

However support came with reservations about who is going to pay for the second phase. It's a program with a potential price tag of $150 million.

The missed opportunities

David Coon/Green Party:
"Certainly on the police side, the forest policy is the biggest failure of all, when they signed a bad policy into a 25-year contract with the Irvings."

Brian Duplessis/NDP:
“I think the biggest missed opportunity is actually bringing the province's finances under control. We've racked up another $2 billion in debt, on top of the $2 billion that the previous Liberal government had brought in.

Brian Gallant/Liberals: 
"That this government is going to be one in which it will break most all of its promises, but certainly its three key promises of balancing the books, not raising taxes and not cutting services."

Premier David Alward/PC:
"The pension reforms, again, an example of, not necessarily an easy decision, but one that will make a lasting impact.  


  • An earlier version of this story indicated all parties were in support of the prescription drug plan that was introduced in the session, when, in fact, the People's Alliance party has alway expressed concerns about the plan.
    May 28, 2014 1:28 PM AT