Saint John Police will make a presentation to students at Forest Hills School about bullying on Monday, following a recent alleged incident at the school.

Nadine Bulmer says some of the students at the middle school formed what they call a bully circle to push her 13-year-old son around.

"An unsuspecting kid would get pulled into the circle. And this kid would get pushed around inside of this circle until they either fell down or hurt themselves," she said.

Bulmer said she is worried. Her son has been called names, tripped and knocked down in school hallways, she said.

His behaviour has also changed in recent weeks. He's troubled and falling behind in school, Bulmer said.

School officials could not be reached on Friday for comment.

But Sgt. David Hartley-Brown, a member of the police force’s community service unit, said school administrators asked him to come to the school to give a talk.

He will tell victims of bullying where they can go if they need help, he said.

He will also have a message for bullies, after age 12 many forms of bullying are criminal offences.

"Pushing shoving, hitting, assaulting somebody, these could - if warranted under an investigation, could be deemed as a criminal act," said Hartley-Brown.

"Young people in that age group need to understand that they'll be taken serious. That those types of criminal behaviour is not tolerated by the school, or by the police, or the community in general."