Police are still trying to determine the cause of a weekend fire that destroyed a century-old church on the Kingsclear First Nation and devastated the community.

Fire crews were called to St. Ann's Parish  about 2 a.m. Sunday and found the 138-year-old Catholic church fully engulfed in flames.

It was the only church in the community, located just outside of Fredericton.

Residents and parishioners gathered Sunday to watch as the building's remains were torn down.

"All of our children were baptized here, many, many weddings, of course many funerals. Very much the cornerstone of the community," said Patrick Polchies, a band councillor.

"The church itself appears in the community logo. So very much a part of the community, and I'm sure that people are feeling a loss," he said.

"I was baptized in that church, married in the church. My children are baptized there and driving by it has really been quite heartbreaking to see it there, you know the charred rubble is just a disturbing sight."

Rosemary Young, who used to be able to see the church from her house, said she woke up Sunday to her niece screaming that it was on fire.

"It's been here all my life, and I was brought up here. My mother was here, my father. We've buried all my family members. It just took care of us because it was the mother church. Good Saint Ann," said Young.

St Ann's was the second historic church to burn over the weekend.

On Saturday a 99-year-old Presbyterian church in Cape Breton was also destroyed.