Fredericton police are rewarding drivers who follow the new distracted driver legislation. ((CBC))

The Fredericton Police are thanking drivers who pull over before using electronic devices by delivering pizza coupons, not tickets.

Motorists who are spotted taking the extra time to pull over and park safely before using an electronic device over the next three months will receive a coupon for a free pizza and a chance to win one of three Bluetooth devices.

The Fredericton Police say it's a token of thanks to those who are developing safe habits around driving and the use of handheld electronic devices.

"This is an opportunity for us to say 'thank you' and hopefully to create some positive reinforcement out there," said Cst. Rick Mooney.

Mooney admitted the campaign might alarm some motorists at first.

"We don't want people to be surprised when they're doing something right and then all of a sudden the police pull up behind them."

Over the past few weeks police have been involved in the enforcement of New Brunswick's new distracted driver legislation.

If drivers are caught using phones, hand-held GPS systems, or any electronic device in the driver's visual field, it will cost them three demerit points on their licences and a fine of $172.50.

Although there have been tickets issued, police said they are observing that the vast majority of Fredericton motorists have chosen to put their electronic devices aside while driving.

Police say approximately 80 per cent of roadway collisions are caused by some type of distraction.