Paul Doucet of NB Power said a lightning strike Thursday morning near the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Plant had no impact on the operation of the power plant itself. (CBC)

A lightning strike near the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station Thursday morning hit a service building but had no impact on the operation of the facility, said NB Power.

A smoke alarm prompted crews to respond.

Paul Doucet of NB Power said the nuclear plant was "in a safe and steady state, 100 per cent full power operations. Business as usual."

Doucet said some of the generating station's support equipment was affected by the rare February lightning storm.

"We don't know at this point whether there was a lightning strike [directly on the building] or whether it was in the proximity of the electrical equipment."

Doucet said all of the Lepreau has redundant systems that provide backup power in the event of a failure.

"Some of the backup systems had to kick in for our support systems for things like lagoons and our water movement system in the administrative part of the plant," said Doucet. "With respect to the actual plant itself, zero impact."

Some of the buildings were evacuated and Doucet said it's possible some employees will be sent home for the day.

NB Power has its own firefighting service on site. Fire crews from the Saint John Fire Department and Musquash Fire Department also responded to the alarms, as set out in an agreement with NB Power.