Bathurst Regional Airport

Damage to a package containing potentially radioactive material led to the closure of Bathurst Regional Airport for several hours on Sunday. (CBC)

A potentially dangerous package shut down the Bathurst Regional Airport for several hours Sunday. 

In a statement, the airport says a damaged package was found while staff were unloading the plane around 4 p.m. Two airport employees were put in quarantine as a precaution.

Passengers were able to leave the plane safely as RCMP and fire crews were called to the scene. 

The Bathurst Regional HAZMAT Unit tested the package. The concern was the package contains molybdenum. The airport said it is potentially dangerous when exposed to moisture. But the HAZMAT team determined there was no possibility of exposure. The damage was only to the outside box. 

Passengers waiting to get on the flight told CBC they were waiting at the airport for several hours, but they said the scene was cleared just before 9 p.m. 

The airport says no one was injured. 


  • In an earlier version of this story, Bathurst Airport officials referred to the material that was the source of the scare being potentially radioactive.
    Feb 22, 2016 12:39 PM AT