Photos on social media of a Fredericton bus driver helping a senior woman reach her apartment have struck a chord with people in the city.

Jerry Love was taking the bus to work on Tuesday when, at one of the stops, the driver got off with a passenger.

"I just see him get off the bus and help this senior citizen to her home," said Love. "I just thought it was so incredible to see what he was doing, and like, you never really see that anymore."

A Fredericton bus driver's kindness1:32

Love was so impressed with Dubee's actions, he took photos and put them online.

The post quickly spread, and many people recognized the driver as Michael Dubee.

Fredericton bus driver Michael Dubee

Fredericton bus driver Michael Dubee says he's been getting a lot of reaction to the photos. (CBC)

"My phone was blowing up so much I had to turn off the notifications," said Love.

'We all care'

Betty Hann, who says she has been taking the bus for 28 years, needed help with her walker in the thick snow.

"And he said, 'Hang on to me.' And I said, 'I'm not that kind of girl,' but I hang right on to him," said Hann.

Dubee said he's been getting a lot of reaction to the photos being posted.

"My phone has blown up with lots of positive remarks and comments," said Dubee, who has been driving buses for eight years.

"I appreciate him appreciating me and the rest of my coworkers, because there's 42 of us and we all do the same job. We all care."

Betty Hann

It isn't unusual for the bus drivers to help her to her door, says Betty Hann. (CBC)

Betty Hann doesn't use Facebook and says she was taken aback by the reaction. When her daughter-in-law asked Hann if she knew she was on the social media site, "I said, "You got to be kidding!'"

Hann says, despite the fuss this week, drivers help her all year. Hann said she usually has a treat like a chocolate bar ready to thank the drivers for their assistance.

"I just think the world needs more people like him," said Love.