A 20-year-old photography student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design who cut class this week to shoot high fashion and supermodels in New York is hoping her instructors are understanding when she returns.

"I'm missing school right now, actually," said Allie Beckwith in an interview with Shift host Paul Castle in advance of a Dennis Basso runway shoot in

Allie Beckwith

Allie Beckwith shoots the Alexander Wang fashion show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (Courtesy Allie Beckwith)

New York on Monday.

"If no one swipes me up before then I guess I'll be back in school on Thursday."

Beckwith was asked by a fashion blogger she met in Florida last year if she would like to attend Fashion Week in New York to photograph the unveiling of fall lines by various designers.

"My first answer was `Yes, now I need details. Where am I going to sleep?'"

Beckwith said it has been a whirlwind of half-dressed models, celebrity sightings and hockey-like scrums with the aggressive New York fashion press ever since.

"It's been pretty chaotic. I was just thrown into the deep end with all these crazy people, these fashion editors — everybody running around yelling and screaming,

"The girl I'm working for said, `I know you're sweet and innocent but you need to be really pushy.'  I'm like, `Oh, okay. Got it."

Beckwith, a former high school women's hockey player from Saint John, said the hours she spent in New Brunswick rinks growing up actually paid off.

"I'm little so I move on in there, right in the corners. Basically like playing hockey," she said.

Beckwith was given credentials to shoot models backstage at shows staged by Rebecca Taylor and Alexander Wang among other designers and then was invited out front to shoot the runway presentation of Dennis Basso.

She says the highlight so far was the up close access she had to photograph Victoria Secrets supermodel Karlie Kloss as she was being prepared for the Alexander Wang show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

"I haven't even got a chance to look at the shots I've taken — I've taken probably 2,000 already since I've been here."

Beckwith says it's always been her dream to work professionally as a photographer and hopes her week in New York opens some doors, even if it has put her behind in her school work.