A Saint John photographer took more than 100 portraits Sunday to raise money for a vulnerable population in the city.

hl-Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath raised more than $1,200 for charity by taking portrait photographs on Sunday. (CBC)

Sean McGrath wanted to help the First Steps Housing Project, which helps provide housing and support to young, single women who are either pregnant or already mothers.

"We just had a new baby and we realize that they help new moms out," said McGrath.

"And you know, there's two of us at home and it's hard raising a little guy. So you can only imagine what it would be like for a new mom."

McGrath asked participants to pay what they were able for their portrait.

charity photographs

McGrath took 131 portrait photographs in a day to raise money for a charity. (CBC)

Janet Thompson-Price was eager to help.

"I probably wouldn't have thought to get a head shot of myself recently, but I got my own business so I thought it was great and at the same time I'm helping a really worthwhile charity," she said.

McGrath's goal was to take 100 portraits in a single day. He surpassed that total, with 131 people taking part and raising more than $1,200.