The often controversial mayor of Perth-Andover may have gone too far with his latest outburst lashing out with an angry, profanity-laced tirade aimed at the provincial health minister.

Terry Ritchie has lashed out at provincial politicians on more than one occasion, but this week he posted an angry, profanity-laced tirade about Health Minister Ted Flemming.  

Ritchie told CBC News he was letting off steam when he posted a letter on Facebook.

In it, he called Health Minister Ted Flemming "slimy" and "gutless." He said Flemming was dishonest, deceptive and made comments about his weight.

The letter comes just after Flemming announced the province would not go ahead with plans to build a new hospital in the community.

In an interview with CBC News on Thursday, Ritchie said he stands by everything he wrote and offered no apology.

"Because I was outraged that he betrayed my council, he turned my council against me, he’s still trying to turn my council against me. I told them all along he has no intention of building that hospital," said Ritchie.

"As soon as I met the minister I knew he doesn’t mean a thing he’s saying here, it’s all bull from the start."

Later Thursday evening, Ritchie removed the letter and posted another letter without profanity.

"Some people have objected to the language I used in my private Facebook page rant against the latest decision of the Alward government concerning health care in Perth-Andover," wrote Ritchie.

In the new letter, Ritchie continued his tirade about Flemming.

Ritchie said he's reflecting what people are saying in his village. Some showed their support on Facebook, commending the mayor for sticking up for the community. But others said he went too far with the first letter.

Coun. Dean McAllister said while he is as frustrated as Ritchie is over the cancelling of the hospital project, he said the language the mayor used is not acceptable.

"The people that we have to deal with now and for the next three years of our term as councillors, I just hope they don’t shut the door on us because of that type of correspondence going on," he said.

He said councillors will meet soon to discuss Ritchie’s comments.

This is not the first time the mayor has had a run in with his own council. In January the mayor was the focus of a non-confidence vote. Councillors asked him to resign.  He didn't.  

CBC News asked Flemming for his reaction to Ritchie's comments but he chose to make no comment on the matter.