Pendleton Island gets some TLC

An uninhabited island in the Fundy isles is getting some cleaning this weekend.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is taking 28 volunteers to an uninhabitated island in the Fundy isles on Saturday to pick up debris from its beaches.

The conservancy owns Pendleton Island in Passamaquoddy Bay off New Brunswick's southwest coast.

Shawna Wallace is organizing the the island's cleanup and said the beach is covered in plastic garbage that won't disintegrate.

"There's quite a lot of garbage there. There's lots of Styrofoam, lots of rope. A big issue is the netting, it gets sort of really into the beach and the netting sort of forms big bags filled with the beach's gravel and sand," she said.

Local boaters are prepared to sail volunteers to and from the cleanup site. Wallace said she rented a dumpster that can hold 40 cubic yards of waste and intends to fill it this weekend.

She said the cleaning effort has lots of volunteers, but people can contact the Nature Conservancy if they want to be put on a waiting list